Equality and Diversity

Our Policy

Orion Pax Institute recognises and encourages the valuable and enriching contribution made by all who work and learn with us. We are an international learning community of teachers, trainers, employment specialists and students, representative of all age groups and backgrounds, with a good gender mix. OPI treats all who come into contact with the College, whether as prospective students, job applicants or suppliers, with respect and courtesy.

We believe that all our people can contribute to enhancing the life and development of the College. Guided and informed by our Equality and Diversity Policy (copy available on request) OPI aims to provide accessible and inclusive education, training and employment services which actively promote equality of opportunity and value the rich diversity of our learning community.

Hence, we seek to provide a friendly, welcoming, safe and secure environment in which everyone is enabled to develop at their own pace and achieve their maximum potential. And we take steps to try to continuously ensure that no one should suffer discrimination on grounds of age,race,nationality, ethnicity,gender,disability, religious/other beliefs, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation or gender reassignment.

We will strive vigorously to remove conditions which place people at a disadvantage and will actively combat bigotry and discrimination. The College expects all employees, students, and associated partner organisations to adopt our E&D policy and share our approach. Regular training and briefing is provided for all staff and learners, to help with updating and reinforcement of good practice..

"Equality, Diversity, Health, Safety and Safeguarding are Important for our Learning Business"