Exams information

Information on Exams

Most learners at Orion Pax Institute are aiming to achieve an award validated independently, by a nationally recognised awarding body. And OPI is approved by EDI, NCFE, CACHE and Highfileds ABC to offer their qualifications.
Some awards are achieved through examinations only and others through ongoing assessment. Others require a combination of these.
In a few cases, OPI itself accredits courses and gives its own certification.
Clearly, proper procedures must be followed in all cases.
Hence, before learners can receive their awards, there are a number of processes that must be undertaken on their behalf, such as entry/registration, payment of fees, conduct of examinations and/or moderation and submission of results. We also have our own systems for recording and tracking entries/results in order to update its student data records.

The coordination of all examinations and assessment processes is the responsibility of the Administration Team , so they should be your first point of contact for any query or advice regarding entries, assessments and results.

Achievement Information
When the Administration Team receives learners` results data from course tutors, assessors/internal verifiers/quality assurance leads, they will collate and send the information to the relevant awarding bodies in order to claim results and certificates. The awarding bodies can take anywhere between 1-7 weeks to consider and process result claims. And sometimes they will have queries or want to see samples of assessed and verified work.

When the claims have been approved by the awarding bodies they will issue certificates to the Administration Team who will then issue these to the learners as soon as possible.
OPI`s Examinations and Assessment Policies provide guidance on the whole process and cover aspects such as regulation and confidentiality.
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