Learner voice

Information on Learner Reps

Every course lasting more than a term, will be able to nominate a Learner Representative who is invited to participate in the Learners ` Forum, which has up to 3 meetings a year. Nominations for Learner Representatives are usually made during course inductions, group discussions or tutorials and those elected receive relevant briefing and training.

At the Learner` Forum meetings, the Learner Representatives are encouraged to put forward views and opinions from the class/group they have been chosen to represent. They can also email comments. All learners` observations are reviewed regularly and brought forward when decisions are made about future developments. As appropriate, they are also fed into the Programme Review Team and Management meetings for consideration. Course tutors will also invite learners to attend other meetings where suggestions and ideas directly relating to the courses can be raised.
Learners are also encouraged to use the Compliments and Complaints Boxes and the Suggestions Boxes as another means of communicating their thoughts about our provision- anonymously or otherwise.

In addition to the foregoing, learners can become more engaged with OPI service provision by participating in the Health and Safety Committee and the Equality and Diversity Forum.
"Equality, Diversity, Health, Safety and Safeguarding are Important for our Learning Business"